About Jill

After a long corporate career I was fortuitously laid off after the dot.com crash. I had always felt there was a painter in me and I felt like now was the time to find out. I threw myself into oil painting and started creating paintings at an astonishing rate and discovered that a new life purpose had begun to unfold.

It soon became clear that I only wanted to paint people. At first I painted imaginary people who had "come" to me. They were frequently dressed in costume and had a bit of "other-worldliness" about them, which surprised and intrigued me. As each one showed up I became more curious about who they were.

Gradually I began to wonder about having real people come and sit for me and had the feeling that I might get "intuitive information" about them. For example, I might see them as a Native American in full headdress. And wouldn't it be interesting if they had a particular resonance with the Native American culture. The idea would not go away and in fact grew stronger until I knew I had to try it.

When I began painting these portraits in oil, I was truly amazed; not only by the meaningful imagery, but also that I could paint like this. I consider myself self-taught other than a few art classes when I was young. For me, it just adds to the miraculous nature of this work. I am in awe of this process and am honored to be the means by which these healing and emotionally significant images often materialize.