Inquiry Cards


The imagery in the Soul Portraits not only fascinates me and my clients, but invokes a strong response in many who see them. People are often brought to tears. This repeated response helped me to realize that there is something here for people to share and experience on a deeper level.

Many people have commented that my paintings looked like tarot cards, which gave me the idea to create a card deck - an oracle deck of sorts. My "Personal Inquiry Card Deck” has the Soul Portrait on the front and a thought-provoking inquiry on the back.


Inquiry Cards

Here are examples of a couple of the cards - front and back. 

The deck can be used in a variety of ways – such as randomly picking a card and seeing what the imagery says to you intuitively. The question on the back is just a suggestion to possibly further your response. There are 44 cards in the deck. That ought to keep you inquiring for awhile! For a free list of additional questions to accompany your card deck click here. 

So if you are introspective and looking to open your intuition and access your soul, these may be a helpful tool. You can order now by using the "Buy Now" button. I will ship your cards in 3-5 business days. If you're in more of a rush than that, please contact me. I will also have them in my studio in Novato, CA. I hope you enjoy your journey into the interior realms.