The process

After contacting me to discuss scheduling and current pricing you will come to my studio in the Hamilton Arts Center in Novato, CA for approximately a 2 hour sitting. (Or I will be working from a pre-approved photograph.) Although we may be having conversation, I will not be interviewing you so that the image that comes through will not be influenced by information you may give me.

During the sitting I will be taking photographs of you to use as reference when you are gone. This painting is not done with the intention of capturing your perfect likeness, but of capturing another deeper aspect of you. Although I never know what's going to come through, so far the unique images revealed have resonated with the clients. And as for the likeness portraits, the resemblances are very strong.

After the initial sitting I will continue to work with your soul portrait for the next month or so. I will call you when the portrait is completed and schedule a time for you to come see it. When you come to pick up the painting we will explore the meaning of the imagery together if you'd like.

Please note that I am able to work with people remotely provided I have a good photograph. They can even be in different countries. I ship the portrait to them and then we do our "viewing" over Skype (videoconferencing). I have found that this process does not diminish the intimacy or potency of the experience in any way. I am also able to do deceased pets and people as well. Again, provided I have a clear photo to work from.

Contact Jill to commission a Portrait.