"Make it Real" e-Cards

Jill Culver eCards

I am over-the-top-excited to have launched my new card line, "Make it Real" e-Cards!! I've wanted to do this since I was a child and was frustrated by not being able to find cards that spoke to my reality. Cards that were kind and respectful but not all flowery and idealistic. Cards that spoke to the challenging times as well as the good.

So I've designed a card line that is devoted to the 'art of relating', designed for a variety of relationships and a full spectrum of emotions. No more struggling to find the right card with the right message. Click here to learn more.

JuJu PeePs

I'm now creating these adorable little healing dolls that I call JuJu PeePs. They are stitched, stuffed and infused with good juju to get you through the good times and the bad. And each one has a message on it just for you. See more here.

"A Night of Soulful Delight"

The response to my Soul Portrait Personal Inquiry Card Deck has been fantastic! At a recent gathering I had, I brought out the deck.  Each person there pulled a card and we were amazed with what transpired.  Everyone resonated with their chosen card's message, gaining insights into aspects of their lives. Afterwards, it was suggested that I do "Card Parties" where I create this experience for others. "A Night of Soulful Delight"  was born!  

These events will be playful and lighthearted while at the same time, open us to our intuition and the deeper messages of our souls.

So if you love inquiry and imagination and have friends who like to connect in the same way, let's create an evening of exploration together. You may want to consider it for a birthday celebration, or with your women's group, men's group, meditation group, etc. Contact me to learn more or schedule your night (or day!).

Radio Interview

Hear my radio interview on a heartwarming program called "Love Letters Live."

Open Studio

Studio Location

Come visit my studio! I'm in a fantastic studio in a gorgeous historical building. The Marin Museum of Contemporary Art (MOCA) is on the main floor. I'm at the end of the main hall in studio #104B. It is an idyllic place to paint! There are two other buildings next door and over 40 artists in all. We have an Open Studio the first Sunday of every month from 11-4.
Here's a map to my location.
Contact me for more info.

Non-likeness Soul Portraits

I'm excited to explore and offer in addition to my regular Soul Portraits... Non-likeness Soul Portraits. This means that you would still come for a sitting like you would for a regular portrait (or provide a photo), but the focus will not be on your face. I would do my same meditation process to receive your image, and trust it will be specifically for you.  However, your painting may or may not include a human face or body.  And if it does, it will not be "your" face or body - just a symbolic version of you.

So for those of you who may have wanted a soul portrait but were stymied by likeness issues, here is a new opportunity for you! Contact me to find out more.

See the non-likeness portrait gallery.

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