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"I was originally planning to commission a Soul Portrait for my groom but decided to have us both painted together as our wedding gift to ourselves. I'm so glad we did. Jill perfectly captured the spirit and bond that represents our relationship."

Queen Bold

"A well known quote says: Whatever you can do, or dream you can, begin it. Boldness has genius, power and magic in it. Begin it now. My soul portrait is about genius, power and magic. She calls me to own those qualities in myself and of course she seems a bit pushy about it at times. I don't get to play small anymore! "

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Manna - "... medicine for the eyes.”

"I resisted a soul portrait because I was afraid I would have snakes coming from my head. When I viewed my non-likeness portrait I laughed out loud, because there were sparkly antennae coming out my hat! It reminded me that we think we know what will happen, but we really don't. When we take a closer look, what we see really is medicine for the eyes. I have my portrait prominently displayed to remind me of this every day and smile when I walk by."

Return to Innocence

"Recently, Jill offered to show me a new painting she was bringing to life. She was between commissions, so she took to her oils and canvas completely open to see what wanted to come through, no client, no agenda. The moment I laid eyes on her latest work I knew it was for me. And I knew, with certainty, it was another Soul Portrait. How astonishing to realize that, once again, Jill conjured poetic imagery that speaks so profoundly to my Soul's Journey as I perceive it today." Read more...

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