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About Pet Soul Portraits
Pet Soul Portraits are a unique form of intuitive portraiture done in the same way I do my people portraits. I do NOT interview my clients to learn about their pets. Through meditation I receive intuitive images that I believe are meant specifically for each client. So far, everyone has not only resonated with their portraits, but all have commented on how much I have really captured their beloved pet, even when I have painted their deceased pet.

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“It had been nearly two years since Bailey passed away and our hearts were still aching when I commissioned Jill to do a soul portrait of him to surprise my husband on his birthday. We were overjoyed to receive this loving, comforting, happy message from our adored Bailey through amazing Jill, who had absolutely no way of knowing that every day Bailey had quietly lain alongside my husband as he meditated to music through his headphones!”


"You have not only perfectly captured her vibrancy, her extreme loyalty and beauty, but also a special and dear message that she is conveying to us. 3.5 years ago, she suffered from lymphoma and we almost lost her. We see the line projecting out from her as her dear heart beating strong, through the peaks & valleys of our lives with her. You have immortalized her deep love that she projects to us each precious day we have with her...and beyond..."

Soulmate Sadie- I Am With You

“My first thought when I saw this was WOW! How realistic Jill captured Sadie's image and essence! I really thought I could put my hands out and hold Sadie's chin up! I am reminded that she still is with me and in a different form. This is perfect! So happy to have this done in Sadie's honor! Timing could not be better!”


Tulip was rescued from an abusive situation by two loving people. Little did they know how much Tulip would end up rescuing them as well. This portrait communicates Tulip's regal and solid 'warp and woof' where there is nothing to fear.


"The dynamic range of Venus' essence, from her regal presence and quiet intensity to her adorable quirkiness and sweet eccentricity, shines through. Venus is a mighty yet benevolent hunter who delights in playing with live "toys" and engaging her people in merry games of catch and release."

Lily (deceased)

"My girl...beautiful from the inside out. The Asian theme of her portrait seems to speak to some very close and unexpected connections to that culture that have shown up in my life recently. That Jill picked up on that was really intriguing. Although gone too soon, I feel like Lily's letting me know she's still with me. It is very reassuring."

Freddy and Lola

Of these two rescue greyhounds, Lola has the more giving nature and is generously extending the olive branch to Freddy. This portrait really captures the likeness and personalities of this dynamic duo.


Charlie's owner is clearly the nucleus of his life - and vice versa. He brings balance and perspective to her life. With a face like that, how could he not be top priority?

Artie and Milo

"Arthur (on the right) passed away in March. Milo was his close companion for 12 years. I believe the portrait captures their unique personalities as well as their brother/sister bond. Arthur is "transmitting" his dominant and sometimes conniving thoughts. Milo is a "receptor" of those thoughts, and her nervous nature is captured in the shorter radio waves. It's a keepsake that will bring me comfort for many years to come."


Cooper came into his owner's life as a knight in shining armor in a time of need -- much as the dragon slayer rescues the damsel in distress. His playful demeanor and steadfast loyalty provides an extraordinary level of companionship and comfort.


Although often quiet and aloof, Oliver clearly has another more dramatic side to him. The headdress is symbolic of his love and connection to his beloved owner and rescuer.


Bonnie is an outdoor girl with lots of style and loves rides in the convertible with the top down. Her Vet has encouraged her owner to try to protect her one blue eye from the sun. Could that be why the sunglasses came through in the painting?


"Jill really captured Evvie's essence, her beautiful eyes and colorings. I'm thrilled that I now have a lovely painting of my beloved feline friend and a wonderful story. Jill's work is truly memorable."


Casey is making a bold statement that she is always ready and eager for a swim. Not living near a beach, she satisfies some of her water needs by standing in the family's fountain and pretending.


Jojo may be an adorable toy poodle but she is making it very clear that she wants to be taken seriously and appreciated for her high intelligence. She is not to be dismissed as just another pretty face.


Yogi's owner refers to him as 'My Little Guardian Angel Right Here on Earth'. He even inspired a whole new career for her making adorable, well made dog coats known as Pug Snuggly By YOGI.


Zoey is the perfect dog according to her owner. With a beautiful, fun-loving face like that, who would doubt it?


Tortie is an endangered species tortoise. The spiked headdress represents the vulnerability of the species to extinction and to outliving her owners since she may live to be over 200 years old.

Pio Pio

Pio Pio is a magnificent male canary with an outrageous, playful and demanding personality. I must say - I like his style.


Sausey's owner, when shown her loving pet's portrait, thought the bunny ears represented 'rabbit ears' antennas which were helping her dog to hear. 16 year-old Sausey had lost most of her hearing. Another interpretation was perhaps the ears were a symbol of Easter and that Sausey was preparing her owner for her passing. (Sausey died just a week before the Easter weekend.)

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