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About Soul Portraits
Soul Portraits are a unique form of intuitive portraiture. One significant distinction in my work is that I do not interview my clients and prefer to know little about them. Through meditation I receive intuitive images that I believe are meant specifically for each client. So far, everyone has not only resonated with their portraits, but has found them to be very personal and often profound. I do the same process with pets and have found their stories to be amazing as well.

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Divine Guidance

"I just love all of the color! This portrait makes me feel supported and ready to soar into new positive adventures. The wings are symbolic of many divine realms such as angels, nature spirits, fairies, etc. The lioness represents a quiet power and gives me the courage to take flight."

Who Knew?

"Often feeling imprisoned by the circumstances of my life, my portrait has given me the opportunity to view my journey from different perspectives. What aspects of feeling trapped are self-imposed?"

Unleashing the Possibilities

"My portrait, and the experience of collaborating with Jill, has brought to the surface a subconscious sense of my own inner wisdom, strength, and radiance. It serves as a tangible reminder that I can look within...and trust myself for guidance, purpose, and direction."

Strong and Grounded

One of my all time favorites! I'm just wild about this portrait, and have to say, if I could do my own soul portrait, I'd love to come through as a tree!

The Aleph

"I named my portrait "The Aleph" which is a reference to a short story by Jorge Luis Borges. "The Aleph" describes a point in space that contains all other spaces at once. I see it as the access to the infinite possible or as a portal to the collective consciousness of the Universe from which all creativity flows."

Queen of Diamonds

"I think it is a lovely painting.... and intriguing with the Elizabethan collar and the Queen of Diamonds, King of Hearts symbols. I have had a life of relative wealth, esp. for the 10th child of a rural preacher from the Minnesota boonies! I like the way Jill's "Intuitive" works. I have a nephew who always called me "The Queen" when I came to their home and did Feng Shui."

Tea and Me

"Being in a teacup makes me think of the expression that "you are just my cup of tea." I think I was that to my mother, who was a big tea drinker. I'm thinking of this portrait as a reminder of how regardless of our ups and downs she was my biggest fan. It definitely brings up some tears for me."

Beautiful in paper and paint!

My first mixed media portrait. I am absolutely crazy about this new technique of using paper in my portraits. They add texture and brilliance and are just plain fun to work with! This is my first time using them and I just love it. Everything is paper in this soul portrait other than her face, hair and neck. I especially love the butterfly over her heart where all of the healing rays of transformation are emanating from.

Twinkle Head

"It's a wonderful feeling to look at myself and laugh and then let loose my grip on control of the moment. I want it forever."

A testimonial from the client about this work:

I'd met Jill through my wife's social events and during the casual introductory chitchat learned that she was an artist who liked to paint unusual pictures of animals and people. Some time later I saw an example of her work and was blown away by the amazing imagery. Intrigued I asked her what went on to allow her portraits to be so different... Read more...

Read more in my newsletter about this piece.

we & We

"Our painting reminds us of our intimate partnership as a couple and our connection to the grander global WE of humanity. It represents who we are together at our best, and reminds us how much joy and love we have for each other."

Being Her Now

"This portrait was painted during a transitional time in my life and reflects multiple aspects of my experience. In rejecting obsolete paradigms, I move into a deeper place of love, mystery, and self-acceptance. Its colors remind me of diving in tropical waters, embraced by the protective mother energy of the ocean while enjoying warm illumination from the sun above."

Read more about this portrait in my newsletter about this piece.

Sensuality and Enlightenment:
Sex and Engineering

"This portrait brought me home to what I've been about all my life: integrating the experiential power of my right brain with the intellectual knowing of my left. I have a profound shock of self-recognition each time I look at the painting, and it calls me to step forward into who I am."

A story about this work:

I've had so much fun with a number of "firsts" over the past year. This portrait called for very dramatic lighting...



"Of all my experiences in my life, I have never felt as 'seen' as I have in this experience with you."

A testimonial from the client about this work:

"Jill Culver's artistry is truly a gift that keeps on giving!

I am an unabashed fan and patron of Jill Culver's artworks. For the past 7.5 years, I have been reveling in the steady stream of inspiration and insight that springs eternal from my Soul Portrait. When I sat for my portrait all those years ago, I had no idea the profound impact it would have over time. 

And just when I thought it couldn't get any better . . . Read more...

One with the COSMOS

Choosing Joy

"My Soul Portrait is a vibrant reminder of my choice to see things and situations in their best light. It acknowledges the decision I've made to lead with love and inspires me to continue to make that my focus. The joyful nature of the portrait confirms that I am on the right path."


"My soul is portrayed
Grounded in past and presence
Vivid with vision"


"The soul portrait process has been a profound experience of self-discovery for me. Jill has lovingly used her intuitive and artistic abilities to create a visual portal into my most essential self. This portrait calls me home each time I look at it. Thank you, Jill!"

Queen of Hearts

"I'm amazed at how every time I look at my portrait there is new information for me. It is very talkative to me and so far has not run out of things to say. At the same time it reminds me of what I already know and sometimes forget - important things which are pivotal and beneficial to my understanding of myself."

A testimonial from the client about this work:

"I really hoped I would be bald in the painting. I have shaved my head twice and loved it. That is my husband coming out of my head. He refuses to not be seen..."



" "It's so me!" There is much in this portrait that holds personal meaning for me. For example, I have had bees on my personal stationary for years and years and they are very symbolic to me. But primarily my portrait is encouraging me to step into my creativity and is telling me the time is now."

Onward and Upward

"Wow! This woman can really soar! I really had no expectations when I decided to have a portrait done. I'd hoped only that my portrait might reveal something I needed to know. And, what better message to receive? The constraints I've strapped on are so self-imposed and yet, aren't really holding me back. One day, I'll just slip my arms out and truly be free!"


"When I look at my Soul Portrait I don't see it as a portrait. I see it as a reminder of what is really important to me."

Woman Child

"I believe that 'Woman Child' is not an illustration of a part of me, nor a snapshot of my soul; rather it communicates the entirety of me."


"Ever since I received my soul portrait I've noticed that I have been content with myself and my life. I'm no longer looking around the corner."

Holder of Secrets

"It helps me connect to what I know to be true... I will cherish this portrait for the rest of my life and so will my family. "

Onward and Upward

Flight of Fancy

"There is something that really resonates for me in who this person is and who I am. And obviously there is a deep connection.""


"What about this lace hanky? I recognized it immediately... It was a bold reminder of who I am, where I came from and who played a crucial role in my upbringing.""

A story about this work:

My first client came to sit for me right after her wedding in Italy. In the image that came to me, I saw her with a handkerchief on her head...

Pet Portraits

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Non-likeness Portraits

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