Soul Portrait Stories

Queen of Hearts

Still a favorite story
"I immediately recognized the hanky."

My first client came to sit for me right after her wedding in Italy. In the image that came to me, I saw her with a handkerchief on her head in what felt like a church. It looked and felt like a photograph from another time. Not knowing her religious beliefs, I was hesitant to paint her with this imagery. 

When my client came to see the painting, she was stunned. She told me that during her wedding, in her hand, she held one of her "Nonie's" handkerchief's. These were all she had of her beloved Grandmother who used to buy plain handkerchiefs and do her own lacework around the edges, just like the one in the painting. She went on to tell me more about her portrait and for her, it was all about her Italian heritage.

My client named her painting "Determination" and her quote is "What about this lace hanky? I recognized it immediately... it was a bold reminder of who I am, were I came from and who played a crucial role in my upbringing."

Sensuality and Enlightenment: Sex and Engineering

Sensuality and Enlightenment: Sex and Engineering

I've had so much fun with a number of "firsts" over the past year. This portrait called for very dramatic lighting. I've never painted on a black background before and it seemed to invoke a more painterly style like the old masters. The wire that the apple is hanging from is an actual wire attached to the painting. My first mixed media treatment on a Soul Portrait. Just about everything about this portrait felt like a first time experience. It was so much fun!