“My beloved son Fargo (some will call him just a cat) passed away after 15 wonderful years of companionship.  

As with lovers of sentient beings, Fargo and I communicated with our eyes throughout his life, as well as those last minutes when he finally surrendered and became stardust. 

I needed to find a way to honor him with a portrait, and I remembered seeing Jill’s work at an Open Studio. 

Jill was able to capture his essence as belonging to nature, and made his eyes radiate into and beyond the painting.

I chose to not view the painting for a few weeks. Fargo just seemed alive and I would cry. Eventually, I unveiled it in front of my new cat, Teddy; his eyes popped wide open….I quickly covered the portrait (true!!). Now it is hung in my dining room, Teddy still notices it, but I don’t look at it too long. I just need more time to see him in another form.”