“Jill Culver is an amazing artist who really knows how to capture the subject of the painting, whether a person or animal – truly a very impressive talent!  Jill was able to use a simple photo of our youngest black lab (Lola – 1 yr old) and transform it into a life-like painting with the most realistic expression I’ve ever seen – you can look into Lola’s eyes and see her playful soul.  I presented this painting to my wife as a gift, and she was floored at the detail and depth…so much so that we are now working with Jill to get portraits painted of our other black labs!  On top of all of that artistic talent, Jill is a pure joy to work with, so much so that my five-minute visits often turned into 30-minute intriguing conversations.  I most highly recommend Jill to paint your next portrait – she will create a painting that will quickly become your favorite and continue to bring you joy and happiness well into the future!”