Every time I look at Lyra’s portrait it makes me smile. A big smile. 

Lyra was the horse of a lifetime for me. Unassuming in appearance, she proved herself a talent among the best, much of it due to her own hard working nature and wanting to please. Lyra took all her responsibilities seriously — including appointing herself chief den mother of all horses around her, whether or not they cared; she cared and wanted to make sure the herd was always safe.  She was my competitive partner, my teacher and most of all my friend for over 14 years.

When I first saw Lyra’s portrait I was immediately filled with a sense of relief and happiness, because I could see she was in a wonderful place, without a care in the world. She is telling me she is happy and carefree, even allowing herself to be a little bit silly now that she doesn’t have responsibilities. The whole essence of Lyra has been captured in this portrait – her sweet nature and her kind eye. I treasure this portrait, Jill, thank you so much! 

It was a great ride, Lyra. I miss you but am so comforted to know you are in a great and happy place!