You are a star

My client told me that she hadn’t thought about what the portrait would be until the morning that she was coming to see it. She said that she thought “Maybe it will just be me with stars all around me.” What?!? THAT IS AN ABSOLUTE FIRST! No one has ever accurately guessed what their portrait would be in the 20 years I’ve been doing these! I found that truly amazing!


Client Quote:
“This is a picture of where I am and where I come from… I often feel that my ancestors are always floating about me especially in times of change. The stars represent to me those ancestors and they are comforting to see. There are many artistic ways to paint stars… The way that Jill has depicted them is exactly the same as on a sculpture that I have had for years. It was given to me when I started my business and it is funny how that same star image had come back just as I sold my business and am on a new adventure.”