Lately, I’ve been getting word messages along with the images. This imagery felt Spiritual to me. Like she was standing in front of a monastery wearing a ceremonial robe. I heard her say “Have faith” and wrote it on the back of the canvas frame.

During the viewing, my client amazingly mentioned his interest in joining a monastery. He was very emotional when I turned the painting around and showed him the message Kitty had given him. (Drop the mic)


Client quote:
“Coming into contact with Jill was serendipitous. My dear feline friend and companion of 14 years, Kitty, had passed 3 weeks prior. I was in a raw state and Jill’s presence and work seemed to be a response to the inner calling of my state.

I commissioned a portrait of Kitty to honor her. Surprisingly, the message took my breath away, for it was Kitty who was honoring me and us and our continuing relationship. The connection Jill and I had through our mutual presence and experience around the painting is one of my most dearest life experiences.

The painting serves as a daily reminder of what’s truly important. It grounds me. It is not a reminder of loss, but of the ever present abundance of what is. I have tremendous gratitude for Jill and her work. She is truly a miracle worker.”