Lily Bean

The words I got from Lily Bean were “Small but mighty” and I had the distinct feeling she wanted to be taken seriously. She is a force to be reckoned with and absolutely adorable in her lioness costume!

This was another first in that Lily Bean refused to be painted in my usual head shot format. She wanted a full body image so that’s what I did. Far be it for me to go against her mighty wishes!


Client quote:
Lily Bean is truly “Small but Mighty”. She has no concept of her stature. I have seen her challenge dogs three times her size that have come into her yard without any hesitation. She is very much a lioness, as her costume suggests. However, what this portrait also illustrates is her absolute dislike for dressing up… whenever we have tried to get her in a Halloween or holiday costume she refuses to move and just mopes the whole time so, seeing her unzipped from her lioness suit is just comical!